Winter Sister Sally

by Iona Swift

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Jasmine Bailey
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Jasmine Bailey This song is soft, supple and sweet. Just like a delicious pie. I feel starry eyed and in love just listening Favorite track: Opal Pie.
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released June 19, 2016

Recorded and mastered by Jimmy Bagshaw at Right Choice studios in Sacramento, California. Thanks to Mike Spielman for the poem which inspired the lyrics for La Legna. Photography by Anna Schmidt, San Francisco.



all rights reserved


Iona Swift Nevada City, California

Iona hails from the hills and sings from the heart. A young songwriter, she's developed a unique sound she calls Folkadelic Soul. Solo and acoustic, Iona's performance emerges from a rich variety of musical influences. Iona's writing is thoughtful and rooted in her connection to the natural world. It gives lyrical nods to female power and conscious hip hop. ... more

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Track Name: Opal Pie
Now here comes that mountain leaking from my lips:
Minerals mumble tumble crumble down to a kiss.
Awake with half-an-eye, blushing, begging to be pinched.
Nothing quite like rolling boulders to try and resist.

(CHORUS): You slice opal pie
For my dinner plate eyes
Sugar no lies, say I am safe and I am kind
And I am fine, I'm even mine
Supple supply
Another day in paradise

I am ever speechless, babe I am terrified
But I won't buy no silence tonight
And you ain't selling so I'll be telling it all true
Like one, two, one, two, to the ever-loving blue yonder

That winter I lived smirking behind Buddha's back
Getting goods good got and stuck in picture frames
Breaking chains, slurring names
Than those wings turned to shoulder blades
And it's penniless, jingling
In the cold, tingling
Then you sliced me up some
Track Name: Persephone
Persephone you and your ease are going on trial so listen up, child.
Your remedies, your own season's tease is taking a while.
All your come and go, your wax and wane
Your flowers grow and die again
In the snow, they'll go.
Pawing rhythmic heel and toe, the frozen dreaming down below

(CHORUS)Because the bees, they get to buzz and I can't quit my itching
The trees, they get to bud and my hands just keep sivving
My knees, they will not budge, and the world goes on spinning
The seas, they get to flood, and I go on breathing.

Miss Artemis, miss misery, it was not me who threw out the key.
We agreed on enduring ourselves in our sleeves, until terminal 3.
Moon-eyed, gloaming, guilty, loaning, lost
Tongue-tied, knowing the casm was growing not crossed.


And I go on breathing, yes I go on breathing.
You cannot turn off, all's not lost
You have to catch the breath you cost in the frost
Cellophane springtime, malarkey in my lung
Unwrap every nightmare in the sun, it will come.
It will come.
Track Name: Black and Blue
Oh my dear, oh my dear, I'm seeing awful clear now you're here.
Oh my love, oh my love, it runs, jumps to the deep when you're near.
And darling please stop stealing my poor breath
Because I haven't had enough today.
And I know you won't try to steal my heart
But it was yours, long gone away from the start.

In the end, in the end I guess we can pretend that this mess didn't matter.
But today, yes today, you've changed the way I play
And now my toys are tattered.
Though it's really just a couple facts, do you think I could come clean?
Even if those walls all burned to ash
Would you let me give you everything like I asked?

Because on one holy howling Hollow's Eve
And almost every other day
I came so close, so close, so close, so far away
From taking my own breath away
Simply by settin' myself near you.

Busy brains, paper cranes, cowboy coffee mornings
And I will miss you dear, yes even the madness
Stupid games, maybe electric trains you make me want to give you
Every single thing you never even wanted.
Tired eyes, lofty sights, you know I think
I'm done with all my buying all that brave bullshit
But for you, oh for you,
You know I'd fight and fight and fight and fight
Until my eyes were black and blue.

My eyes are turning true for you.
They're true
And you're blue.
Track Name: La Legna
Awake to the shakes and that hallway
Vague winter birds in the morning
Ghosts and hosts, medusa throats, expired firecrackers float
Hissing up the ends of the air
Gaze, free the face, flee the chair

Love like all end honey, sweet sweet drawl, forgiveness
Precious martian, money paper doll and all
Here take this
You know that I did try and try
To buy the lines that'd say the thing more saintly
Now I'm floored, the lion's roar:
Torn pages from our poisoned shore
The truth, it don't cost a penny

That dream to recall, the horse, the fall, the land:
Liquid language cupped in my hand
Unlike so many things so countable now
Like rings in dead trees and heartaches to plough
And the times that I turned and ran
It's all a chance at a chance at a chance to understand

That it is ever-always the last night of our lives
That we were all born to bloom forever in each other's eyes,
Born to briefly walk along the endless edge of brimming over light
Encora adentro inverno freddo questa sogna è la legna

Love like all end honey, sweet sweet drawl, forgiveness
Precious martian, money paper doll and all
Here take this
You know that I did try and try
To buy the lines that'd say the thing more saintly
Now I'm floored, the lion's roar:
Torn pages from our poisoned shore
The truth, it don't cost a penny
Track Name: Doug's Waltz
A cigarette won't mean much
Until you get one aching touch
Like some smoke on fingertips
In this town the birds won't eat the sunflower seeds
The otherside of the fance is green
And we all number our good deeds

(CHORUS) Oh Douglas, Douglas my dear, I'm here
Wiith those books and those walks
And those fears and blue rocks from the beach
And the trees
Oh 'cuz you'd tell me bout the light then leave
Yeah you'd grab my arm, you'd tug my sleeve
Oh and now you're gone

Now your son and I are fine
We're waltzing through that old grape vine
We're baffled, speechless in the face of time
We've got that California kind of ease
We're waltzing through the redwood trees
We're talking slow, we're talking sweet.

Track Name: Waterbird
The ache in our throats, know it ain't all our own:
The homes thrones and combs we've all thrown out like bones
Were you afraid to watch me go?

The wordlessness shows and I'll still utter none
Translations and truths come in screaming, undone
Gold-eaters, sky-dancers, walkers of the sun

Love is the law here I cannot unlearn
Forget to remember, escape to return
Do your time, you weary waterbird
Build your shrine, when you find the words
Coza fai, dove si trova?